Business Service: two camps for Prysmian Group China.

Business Service: two camps for Prysmian Group China.

Related to our business service, on October 18th 2020 Paolo Poggi, Giambattista Domestici and one VFC coach went to Yixing, China, to perform 8 days of VFC activities on-field.

The project has been developed in two parts: one VFC Camp in two different schools, in collaboration with Prysmian Group China, to organize 4 days of on-field activities for the children of Prysmian’s employees (totally 240 participants) and a 3-day stage for the P. E. Teachers of 27 Public Schools of Yixing.

In the same period Paolo Poggi also met the Municipality of Suzhou and Gusu to lay the basis for the cooperation with the local Institution on the organization of 40th anniversary of the Sister City Relationship between Venezia and Suzhou.


(photo) Paolo Poggi with the Major of Yixing and Matteo Bavaresco, CEO of Prysmian China.

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