Simone Spina, new trip to Mongolia.

Simone Spina, new trip to Mongolia.

The International Project activities, led by Paolo Poggi, are going on at full speed.

On these days, the collaborator for Asia Simone Spina is in Mongolia, where he is meeting several thick interlocutors to discuss the projects in the pipeline of the club for 2020.

In particular, Spina, who will return to Italy tomorrow, met at first the Head of the Commercial Office of the Italian Embassy Ikhabayar Bayarbat, then the International New Mongol School, the International School Ulambator and the National Television. He also met the potential partners Vitafit LTD and Holiday Inn Ulambator, with whom he has undertaken a fruitful and constructive dialogue for the development of the projects that Venezia FC wants to bring to Asia.

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